Software Downloads

Trimble Ag Software Sub-Surface – Desktop Software

Current Firmware Versions

TMX-2050 Display:

TMX version 6.60

FmX Integrated Display:

FmX version 10.18

Trimble Ag Software

TAS version 2018

Previous Firmware Versions

TMX-2050 Display:

TMX version 6.40

TMX version 5.61

TMX version 4.2 (.upx version)

TMX version 4.2 (.zip version)

TMX version 4.6.3

FmX Integrated Display:

FmX version 10.13

FmX version 9.25

Current Base Station Firmware

AgGPS 542:

AgGPS 542 version 5.41

AgGPS 542 version 5.20

AgGPS 442:

AgGPS 442 version 4.87

Other Software

Pocket Converter

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