Schlatter’s Inc. History

Schlatter’s Inc. was started in 1952 as Schlatter’s Machine Shop by Pete Schlatter focusing on farm machinery repair. Also located in Francesville is FRATCO (Francesville Tile Company) and with their push Pete started manufacturing accessories for drain tile such as animal guards and tile probes. This bringing Schlatter’s Inc into the drainage industry, first selling accessories then drainage machine, and onto laser machine control equipment by LaserPlane. In 1973 Ron Schlatter (Pete’s Son) installed his first Laser Machine control system. Schlatters also became a dealer for the Buckeye Wheel Trencher as well as being the first importer of Barth’s Chain trencher into the United States. In the Late 1980s Schlatters became a distributor for Wolfe Equipment selling chain trencher and drainage plows. As technology progressed Schlatters changed with the times and moving into GPS Machine Control. Today Ron Schlatter is the Owner of Schlatter’s Inc. with his kids help running the business with Nanci Schlatter as Office Manager, Jake Schlatter Managing the Drainage Plow Service and Manufacturing of Drainage Plow Accessories, and Joey Schlatter supporting GPS sales and training.

Brands Represented

  • Trimble Navigation
  • RAM Mounts