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Check out the New 2014 Wolfe 540! see one in person in Francesville, IN or on the web at
Wolfe Heavy Equipment

**GLONASS Update**

Everything with the Russian GLONASS Satellite system is back up and running. If you would like more information on the outage here is a link to GPS World talking about the outage.



If you have any questions please contact us at 219-567-9158


Joey Schlatter

Schlatter's Inc.  




New Products

Schlatter's Inc. is pleased to announce the new  WM Topo system by Trimble.

The Trimble® WM-Topo™ survey system is a topographic data collection device that can be taken into hard-to-reach areas such as ditches, steep terrain, muddy fields, or fields with mature crop cover. Survey data can be used to create surface models-to help you make well-informed water management decisions.

Call for pricing or Demo, equipment in stock

Trimble WM-Drain Video



On-Line Training

  • We are pleased to announce that Web Training is now available. Get the training that you need without leaving the comfort of your home. Videos of Training sessions available for future reference. Click Here for more info.





Used Machines - More to come.